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robert glen robert glen

Robert Glen
"Thomas Fallon" Monument
Bronze, One of a Kind
One and a Half Times Lifesize

Part of the permanent collection of the City of San Jose, CA.

thomas fallon monument
thomas fallon monument
Sculptor Robert Glen (sixth from right) with his "Thomas Fallon" monument.
thomas fallon monument

The "Thomas Fallon" Monument commemorates the raising of the first American flag in California. The main figure shows Captain Thomas Fallon riding his horse with an upraised arm, planting the flag. Behind him rides an unidentified aide.

Located in the City of San Jose, CA, this monument of two horsemen stands one and a half times lifesize (approximately 16 ft high). The sculpture was produced at Mariano Foundry in Piestrasanta, Italy.

"I was commissioned to carry out the sculpture which I did in good faith for those at the time, who saw fit to honor their principles of history in the form of a monument as a record of a part of the country's heritage...I personally carried out the work with art in mind and gave to it the same effort as my Mustangs of Las Colinas, in Irving, Texas. These have been accepted with pride and are, I am flattered to say, enjoyed by many thousands." - Robert Glen

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