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tuck langland tuck langland

Tuck Langland
"Circle of Care" Monument
Bronze, Edition of 7
8.5' H
Part of the permanent collection of the Hillman Cancer Center (Pittsburgh, PA).

circle of care
circle of care
Photograph by Blaine Stiger as shown in the February 2003 edition of "Pittsburgh Magazine."
circle of care
circle of care
circle of care
Above: Detail of a dancer in the "Circle of Care" monument.
circle of care
Above: Detail of "Generations" in the "Circle of Care" monument.

The monument "Circle of Care" consists of six bronze figures representing three generations of caregivers - past, present and future. These larger-than-life figures are encircled by a ribbon, which signifies the continuity of care patients receive at the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This magnificent sculpture graces the main entrance to the Hillman Cancer Center. Located in a circular roundabout driveway, the sculpture possesses artistic grace and beauty which catches the eye of the observer from all angles of the 40 foot circular entryway.

The central figures in the "Circle of Care" monument can be purchased separately as "Generations".

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