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tuck langland tuck langland

Tuck Langland
"Come Read With Me" Lifesize
Bronze, Edition of 7
4' H x 4' W x 4' D

come read with me
come read with me
come read with me
come read with me

"We could have given the clients what they initially asked for, but instead we gave the idea further thought. The result was better than any of us had expected. The clients wanted a bronze sculpture of a child reading a book, to be placed in a new library. The sculpture was meant to encourage children to read, but the clients also talked about the legacy of reading and the love of books being handed down from one generation to another. We promised them a 'menu' of possibilities in a week's time. A menu is something we often do: ideas down the left side of the page, prices down the right. At the bottom of the menu was our newest and most expensive idea: a lifesize grandma reading in a chair, with the grandma's lap itself being a chair. The sculpture would be complete when a child or two sat on her lap to 'read with grandma'. This is the sculpture they chose because it embodied the idea of a legacy. To keep the price down, we made her part of an edition. The librarian tells us, 'If there are children in the building, someone is in her lap.' The little ones talk to her and hug her goodbye. Even preteens sit there reading a book while waiting for a ride home. Although grownups call her 'Legacy', the children have their own names for her: 'mother', or 'the reading lady', or other special names. She is a part of the Goshen Library family, and much loved." - Tuck Langland

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