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leo osborne leo osborne

Leo Osborne
"Brothers of the Wood" Wood Original
Handcarved Burlwood, One of a kind
12" H x 36" L x 29" D
The original handcarved burlwood sculpture of "Brothers of the Wood" is part of the permanent collection of the National Wildlife Museum (Jackson Hole, WY).

"Brothers of the Wood" Bronze Casting
Bronze, Edition of 15
12" H x 36" L x 29" D

brothers of the wood
brothers of the wood

"The Wolf and Raven have been an integral part of Native American lore and mystical vision. With this sculpture I have chosen to honor these two brothers of the wood. They are not only a statement of wildlife concern and that of the environment, but also are symbolic elements of social change. The world emerged from Oneness. Today it is more apparent than ever, that the coming together as one world, one planet is necessary. Humanity IS through the visionary eyes of creative souls, standing together as one, not bound by international borders and sovereignties but emerging as one universal family of Brothers in spirit, dependent on one another. We MUST learn the dance of the Raven and the Wolf." - Leo Osborne

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