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leo osborne leo osborne

Leo Osborne
"Magination" Wood Original
Handcarved Maple Burlwood with Indian Amethyst
One of a kind
11' 8" H

Also Available:
"Magination" Bronze Casting
Bronze, Edition of 50
11' 8" H

magination wood
magination wood

"The sculpture "MAGINATION" was created prior to the events of "9/11". It was created in complete realization that WE ARE ONE...we flow and flow-er out of Earth and crystal energy, we blossom into bird form and take the familiar wings of our spirit life and once again touch the sky. SOARING, like butterflies out of cocoon, rebirthing and recycling around the seasons of life.
MAGINATION has been, it is, it will all-ways be.
So, in this time, in this moment, I share with you...This sculpture IS the light energy going through me into creation and filling the open void that has occurred around this planet and I fill it with the love of everyone in our brotherhood of man and the recycling continues, the metamorphosis goes on.
MAGINATION was created for this moment, it is the sculpture of this moment and WAS and IS and WILL be. It is using the 'magination. It is living in the MAGI NATION....the brotherhood of man. Let the MAGI C of this day fill your life in this and every moment. Create your own MAGI C. Be the MAGI CIAN. IMAGINE!!" - Leo Osborne


From earth elements
of crystal stone
and tree cocoon
emerging forms
of flora
flow outward into
avian shape shifting

-Poem by Leo Osborne

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