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leo osborne leo osborne

Leo Osborne
"Salmon Woman Dream"
Bronze, Edition of 36
22" H x 5" W x 5" D

salmon woman dream

"The woman would fill her vessel with salmon colored stones and journey from her village to the shore. Singing to the salmon, she would lure them to her and leaving the stones upon the beach as her offering, she would fill her vessel with fish and return home. We in turn, joyfully find her dream stones upon the shore, gather them to ourselves and return home." - Leo Osborne

The gathered stones with this sculpture were personally collected by the artist Leo E. Osborne from the shores of his home. There, on the west beach, once stood a Samish Indian village where the tribe fished for their highly honored salmon. There too is where the inspiration came for Leo to have the Dream of the Salmon Woman while he gathered colored stones. From that moment and that experience the creating of this sculpture began to form itself through his guiding hands.

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