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leo osborne leo osborne

Leo Osborne
"The Messenger - Egyptian Epiphany"
Bronze, Edition of 50
33" H x 8" W x 8" D

Also Available:
"The Messenger - Egyptian Epiphany" Wood Original
Handcarved Maple Burlwood, One of a kind

the messenger
the messenger

"The Egyptian god Horus is represented by a falcon on a perch. Horus is said to be the child of the gods Osiris and Isis and thus represents the primary celestial beings; the sun and the moon. Considered a sun god, the kings of Egypt identified with Horus and took the god's name as the first of their titles. Symbolically, "The Messenger-Egyptian Epiphany" carries the light of space between worlds. It is the Egyptian epiphany of god and man as Horus, awaiting coronation as king. The plinth bears the swirling azure reflections of the Nile wrought within a brilliant sunset beneath the falcon sun deity. The noble falcon emanates royalty with majestic plumage of purple, red and gold." - Leo Osborne

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