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joy kroeger beckner joy kroeger beckner

Joy Kroeger Beckner
"Squirrel Season - Wire"
Bronze (Shown in Original Wax and Steel)
Edition of 20 & 2 Artist's Proofs
Based on a wire dachshund
1:6 Scale, 8" H x 8" W x 1 7/8" D

squirrel season wire

"The idea for "Squirrel Season" came to me when my husband Brian and I walked our dachshunds Lizzie and Edgar in our neighborhood, AKA "Squirrel Alley." Squirrels stimulate two entirely different approaches to "hunting" them: manly Edgar simply stares at a squirrel -- as if he can "will" it down from the tree, while his eternally optimistic grandmother Lizzie leaps and leaps, hugging the tree and nearly wearing the hair off her chest, each time she attempts to reach it. My dachshund anatomy mentor Weldon Long once commented about my Dream Chasers Series that I had done the impossible: I had made a dog look as if it is "on the move." It was Weldon's comment that encouraged me to create Lizzie leaping. Actually, now that she is a teenager (DOB 11/23/89), she uses the staring method too, but at age twelve, she nearly climbed trees for squirrels! As with my other 1:6 scale works, I modeled these dachshunds directly in wax and created the bases to fit the action. Designed as a pair, they may be used as bookends or as a two-part free-standing sculpture." - Joy Kroeger Beckner

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