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karryl karryl

"In the Company of Cats" - SOLD OUT
Bronze, Edition of 20
6" H

in the company of cats
in the company of cats
in the company of cats
in the company of cats

"Cheetahs hold a special fascination for me. As a young child I was taken often to the Bronx Zoo. On one visit, I sat quietly for some time in front of an old cage where a handsome cheetah lay with half closed eyes. I spoke softly to him, telling him how beautiful he was. He spoke back with a soft rumbling sound. I was startled at first until I realized he was purring! Chills thrilled my body - but not close to the thrill that filled me the first time I saw cheetah in their own land of Africa!"
"A wonderful day of watching three brothers interact had me thinking how much of the wild is in our domestic friends. Cheetah brothers often form a coalition in the wild and may stay together for life. The females go off on their own. When time comes, they mate and her cubs stay with her till they can hunt on their own."
"The three cats in this set are not based, allowing them to be moved in relationship to each other." - Karryl

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