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karryl karryl



Karryl received her BFA with an emphasis on sculpture from the University of Colorado. She then continued her sculpture education with workshops at the Loveland Academy and an apprenticeship with Sculptor Hollis Williford. Karryl's award-winning sculptures have been shown in invitational and juried shows across the country.

The subjects for Karryl's sculpture have primarily been wildlife. Indeed, her greatest joy is taking time to study animals in their natural environment. Direct observation and interaction with her subjects help bring out the amusement and joy she feels for the natural world around her. Karryl's African subjects have been inspired by her numerous adventures in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana. At home, her inspiration comes from treks through national parks.

Sculptor Karryl has an elephant encounter with Becky the elephant in South Africa!

Karryl works in a loose and often whimsical style, concentrating on capturing the essence and spirit of the subject. Regarding her artwork, Karryl states that her pieces "Capture a moment in time in order to bring others to a closer awareness and appreciation of the natural world." Karryl is an associate member of the National Sculpture Society and Women Artists of the West, as well as a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and the Artists for Conservation.

Karryl with her "Got Gnus?" Monument.

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Large and Monumental Works:

got gnus? monument butterflies are free large one man's opinion thirst for knowledge
slurp lifesize the page turner

Small Feline Figures:

got gnus? maquette in the company of cats sprint walk this way
the great escape escape stretch stalker
lick lion around cubby
reading between the lions maquette

Small African Wildlife Figures:

that's close enough baby baby too walking by
steppin' out rhino and babe baby rhino little rhino
crane query neck 'n' neck zarafa slurp baby giraffe
the salute cool drink mbvuu contemplation
teaser tailchaser

Small North American Wildlife Figures:

if it itches . . . butterflies are free maquette troika bear pause

Small Domestic Wildlife Figures:

cow girls get the moos morning little horse I little horse II
ewe and them scratch sniff my dog
jasmine sounder sitting dog down dog

Other Small Wildlife Figures:

baby bactrian the morning after

Functional Fine Art:

cow head bookends treed

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