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karryl karryl

"Neck 'n' Neck"
Bronze, Edition of 10
14 1/2" H x 15" W x 14" L

neck 'n' neck
neck 'n' neck
neck 'n' neck
neck 'n' neck

"It was our last night in Etosha Park in Namibia. In Africa you don't dictate the show, but there's always a show. We watched. Giraffes came to drink, antelope came down to drink, the afternoon was slipping by. The air was suddenly electric. From the left two large male giraffes walked out of the bush into the open matching strides, holding their heads as high as can be. How beautiful we thought, like a graceful, slow motion show. They stopped, locked back legs together and began swinging their powerful necks. At first we were stunned as the sound of their hits sent shock waves through the air. They turned their heads, beating each other yet still in the graceful, slow motion movement. At some point they knew who the winner was. One slowly walked away. The other stayed and had a drink with the ladies." - Karryl

The sculpture "Neck 'n' Neck" is mounted on a contoured base of stone on wood. A turntable is inserted into the wood to allow the sculpture to turn.

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