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karryl karryl

"The Salute"
Bronze, Edition of 20
12" H x 15" L x 20" W

the salute
the salute

"The Great Salt Pan in Etosha Park in Namibia is the most amazing place. We were there in July, the dry season. Groups of animals congregate at the small pans in the area to drink, making it a wonderful place to observe the different behaviors. Gemsbok are remarkably tolerant of other males in the same area. Two males approached each other and put their horns together measuring who was bigger. It looked to me as if they were "Saluting" each other. They acknowledged who was bigger and then went their peaceful way." - Karryl

The sculpture "The Salute" is mounted on a contoured wood base. A turntable is inserted into the wood to enable the sculpture to rotate completely around.

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