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rosetta rosetta

"Panther Mini"
Bronze, Unlimited Edition
6" x 5" x 1.5"

Also Available:
"Panther" Pewter Miniature
Pewter, Unlimited Edition
6" x 5" x 2"

panther mini
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"Although it is just the melanistic (dark) variety of the spotted leopard, the black panther's shadowy presence carries an aura of mystery, stealth and power all its own. The same skill and strength that make him the consummate predator also make the leopard a powerful climber with agility unparalleled by any of the other big cats. Thus, in attempting to capture the essence of this most formidable feline, I chose a pose which would embody both the attitude of a climber and the stealthy stalk of the hunter." - Rosetta

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