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rosetta rosetta


Sculptor Rosetta. Photo by Mel Schockner.

Though drawn to modeling in clay at a very young age, Rosetta's formal art training was in commercial art, culminating at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Once established in a successful graphic design career, the urge to pursue her love of creating in three dimensions resurfaced and now she is sculpting full-time. Her subjects are animals, another childhood passion. Stuffed animals took the place of dolls, and recurring nightmares of being stalked by big cats evolved into wonder-filled dreams of friendly encounters with them. Admiration and respect for the grace, power, and nobility of the wild ones is evident in Rosetta's sculptures, which capture their spirit, form, and movement in a unique hard-edged yet fluid style.

When asked about her work, Rosetta says, "The subject of my sculpture is the life force of the animal, in all its visual splendor. The point of my work is not to depict an animal as it appears in nature, simply as a reminder of something already known. The art is in the expression of a concept contained within the subject, uniquely presented to enhance one's experience."

Rosetta has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has completed corporate, public, and private commissions and has received numerous awards for her work. She is a fellow and current board member of the National Sculpture Society, a member of the Society of Animal Artists, and a member of the American Women Artists.

Rosetta works in her studio on the clay version of "Cougar Bench". Photo by Mel Schockner.

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Large and Monumental Wildlife Art:

seated cheetah cheetahs on the run
turning point lifesize cheetah sprint lifesize running cheetah lifesize
the hunt defiance siblings
reach for the sky lifesize on the alert cougar bench mountain fishing
stone lion vigilance panther lifesize the leap lifesize panther alert lifesize
panther's pride lifesize alpha pair bobcat lifesize lynx legacy lifesize
heron fountain heron rising library cat

Small African Cats:

cheetah sprint turning point cheetah stretch
running cheetah running cheetah mini serengeti cheetah
seated cheetah maquette the leap the leap maquette panther panther mini
panther alert maquette panther's pride maquette guardian vigilance maquette
stone lion maquette the challenge roaring lion the lion
the hunt med

Small American Wild Cats:

mountain fishing maquette mountain fishing miniature siblings maquette
reach for the sky on the alert mid-size on the alert maquette on the alert mini cougar
lookout tree bobcat maquette vantage point vantage point mini lynx portrait
lynx lynx legacy puma prowl

Small Domestic Cats:

samantha misty two of a kind gatita
tara II curly jasmine sarifino
kuvo norton brandy tiffany
alfie tika jasper jasper II
peaceful sleep peaceful sleep maquette

Other Cats:

sabre-tooth defiance maquette tiger
snow leopard

Other Wildlife Art:

heron rising maquette falcon golden dragon alpha pair med red fox
at the waterhole dromedary icebears

Wildlife Masks:

lion mask maquette elephant mask maquette wildebeest mask maquette cape buffalo mask maquette
giraffe mask maquette bighorn mask maquette moose mask maquette grizzly mask maquette
bobcat mask maquette bison mask maquette eagle mask maquette

Pewter Miniatures:

cat ornament cat ornament II 1995 holiday cat ornament panther pewter
siblings pewter pewter ice bear

Pumas on Parade Fundraiser (Forton Castings):

pumas on parade

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