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hollis williford hollis williford

Hollis Williford
"The Need to Know"
Bronze, Edition of 10
6' L x 40" W x 15" H

Part of the permanent collection of the Bedford Public Library (Bedford, TX) and the Southeastern Regional Public Library (Gilbert, AZ).

Also Available:
"The Need to Know" Relief
Bronze, Open Edition
15 3/4" L x 9 1/4" H

Also Available:
"The Need to Know II"

12" L

the need to know
the need to know
Young sculpture fans enjoy "The Need to Know" at the Sculptureworks, Inc. 2003 "Sculpture Along the Trinity at Bear Creek" Sculpture Show and Sale at the Keller Town Center in Keller, TX. Photograph by Elizabeth Loggins.
the need to know
Sculptor Hollis Williford with his sculpture "The Need to Know" at the Bedford Public Library (Bedford, TX). Photograph by Karen Stallwood as pictured in the "Dallas Morning News".
the need to know
Bob Blackman installs the nameplate next to "The Need to Know" for its installation at the Bedford, TX, Public Library. Bob's wife Suzanne organized fundraisers for two years to help purchase the sculpture for the library. Photograph by Mike Lewis as shown in the "HEB Star-Telegram".
the need to know
Two young library patrons check out the sculpture "The Need to Know" at the Southeastern Regional Public Library in Gilbert, AZ.
the need to know
"The Need to Know" is shown on display at the Sculptureworks, Inc. 2003 "Beauties, Beasts, and Books . . ." Sculpture Show and Sale at the Biedenharn Museum and Garden in Monroe, LA.

"Childhood and early adolescence are difficult times in the life of any individual. They are times of acquiring of new ideas, exercise of creative imagination and awareness of new feelings and sensitivities. Hungry minds are developing and being re-born into young manhood or womanhood."
"Looking back on those stages of development in my own life, it seems to have been an age of discovery with a need for excitement and escape to adventure through books. It was a magic era of "Treasure Island", "Huckleberry Finn", and "Call of the Wild", classics that were to shape all my future attitudes, both personal and professional. Reading satisfied my need for privacy, developed my literary skills, and introduced me to the fine arts. Somehow it was an escape mechanism for short periods of time from the world around me that I was still too young and inexperienced to deal with."
"I'm not saying it was a singular effort because I had help, encouragement and guidance. I was fortunate enough to have a mother who read to me before I could spell, a father who took me hunting and fishing on the river and a grandfather who showed me the skills of creation with a pocket knife while sitting around the woodpile."
"The sculpture "The Need to Know" is a sculpture born of this childhood reminiscence. It was a time when a boy and his dog could relax under a shade tree and still travel to all the remote corners of the world by means of fiction, fact and fantasy. This sculpture celebrates reading as a doorway to creativity and imagination."
"I had a professor once who said that "becoming educated was the life long pursuit of individuals to find out who they really are". Reading and scholarship are not the total formula; they only reduce the number of footsteps and lessen the pain and mileage of first hand experience."
"So I suppose this sculpture was a subtle message to children that there is another exciting world waiting beyond video games and Star Wars entertainment. Also, it is a plea to parents to teach their children well; to be understanding and tolerant of their childrens' "need to know". The only price paid is empathy, affection, and personal time." - Hollis Williford, 1986

"The Need to Know" was originally commissioned for the Vail, Colorado, Public Library. Other outdoor installations include: the Loveland Public Library (Loveland, CO); the Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital (Tulsa, OK); the Bayer Learning Center, Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); the Bedford Public Library (Bedford, TX); and the Southeastern Regional Public Library (Gilbert, AZ).

Indoors, this sculpture would be a wonderful central theme to a children's book area. The bronze is great to climb or lay against while reading. And the bronze patina would only be enhanced by the constant appreciation of children's hands.

williford with ann and andrea

Ann, the former Bedford Public Library Director (left), stands with Sculptor Hollis Williford (center), and Bedford Public Library patron Andrea (right), who was the catalyst for the acquisition of the sculpture "The Need to Know" for the Bedford, Texas, Public Library.

Mystery Solved

One dark and stormy night, a mysterious patron dropped a picture of the bronze sculpture "The Need to Know" (by Hollis Williford) into the book drop of the Bedford, Texas, Public Library. Although staff members from the library searched everywhere trying to find out who wrote "Wouldn't this be a lovely addition to the Bedford Library?" on the back of the picture, the mystery remained unsolved for several months.
Luckily, a tip from a Bedford "Library Talk" newsletter reader broke the case. A library patron indicated that her niece, Andrea, had written the note on the picture. Andrea was then quickly located and identified as the culprit. The mother of two young boys, Andrea stated that she thought the sculpture would be a great "model for reading" for her sons, and had thus dropped the picture in the book drop of the library. After being identified, Andrea graciously contributed her time and talents helping other volunteers raise funds to acquire "The Need to Know" sculpture for the Bedford Library.
Ann, the library's director who happened to have spent summers during her youth at Estes Park near Loveland, CO (where Sculptor Hollis Williford had his sculpture studio for many years), and Suzanne, another Bedford Library patron, led a group of Bedford Library volunteers in fundraising projects across the city. Finally, over two years since the picture of the sculpture was first deposited in the book drop, the library raised enough funds to purchase the sculpture.

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